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Insights Digital Camera Buyer's Guide: Real Cameras - Comments

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    Andy Resnick

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    I've never heard of crop factor before but I don't follow that math at all. Can you expand on what this means / how it works?

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    Jonathan Scott

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    Diagonal of standard 35mm sensor (36mm x 24mm) is approx 43mm, so crop factor 1.6 means sensor diagonal about 43mm/1.6 which is about 27mm diagonal.
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    Ah. Got it. Thank you. I do think that the assumption that this is immediately understandable is a bit of a stretch since the article (which is very good) is for beginners so @Andy Resnick, would a beginner be expected to know that 35mm => 35x24 ?
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    36x24, and probably not, but it isn't so important to know these exact dimensions as long as you realize that's what people are using as the reference when they say a certain camera/lens has an equivalent zoom range of 28-200 mm or whatever. They mean the field of view covers the same range as a 28-200 mm lens would on a traditional 35 mm format camera.
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    Now we need a smartphone camera buy guide. Google just came out with the Pixel. Supposed to be most advanced smartphone camera.
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