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Direction of friciton in bicycyle

  1. Jul 8, 2013 #1
    I found that direction of friction on ball rolling to east is towards east. And I Know direction of friction in moving bicycle when it is not paddled is backward on both rear and front wheels. Aren't they contradictory??

    Plz help me.....
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    So why does a ball always stop rolling after a while?
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    What if the ball rolls to the west? What direction is friction then? Are you absolutely certain of your original finding?
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    You need to be very careful when looking at the arrows on such diagrams. The acid test is always to think what you would expect to happen as a result of your choice about direction. You have to be right about the difference between front and back wheels. :wink:
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    I assume you mean "rolling resistance" (not friction), which opposes the direction that an object is rolling towards. Wiki article:

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