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Divergence of Energy-momentum Tensor

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    How do you prove that the energy-momentum tensor is divergence-free?

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    I mean



    I don't know whether to use Lagrangian variables or the Einstein tensor or if there's a simpler way to just expand the tensor and work it out?
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    use the fact that:
    \partial_\nu F^{\mu \nu} = J^\mu, \partial_{\mu} F^{\nu \rho} + \partial_{\nu} F^{\rho \mu} + \partial_{\rho} F^{\mu \nu} = 0, \; F^{\mu \nu} = -F^{\nu \mu}
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    It won't be divergence-free if you use those equations. Instead use the vacuum Maxwell equations (above with J=0). Alternatively use the above to find the divergence to equal [tex]F_{ab}J^b[/tex] (up to sign).
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    Ah, of course. There is work done on charges by the electromagnetic field. The above energy gives the 4-Lorentz force per unit volume.
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