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Dividing fractionsuibs= by fract

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    hi, while doing trig identities i've found im gonna need to understand this..

    cosx + sinx/cosx

    sorry latex confused me so this is the best i can do :O

    this is not an actuall question but just what i need help with :]
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    What in particular do you need to understand about it?
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    Do you need to reduce the expression? What can you do with it?
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    I presume you mean [tex]\frac{cos(x)+ \frac{sin(x)}{cos(x)}}{\frac{1}{cox(x)}[/tex]

    Dividing by a fraction is the same as inverting the fraction and multiplying:
    [tex](cos(x)+ \frac{sin(x)}{cos(x)})(cos(x)[/tex]. Does that help?
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