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Diving into Discrete Math

  1. Aug 17, 2015 #1

    Rio Larsen

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    (I guess you could put this in a computer science section since discrete math is the math of computers.) What learning resources do you recommend for learning discrete math from a person who knows none of it to a person who can do it easily? I have tried to study the topics below but the symbols used in them aren't explained in anything I read. Mostly, it's the symbols that I'm having trouble understanding but I really am just a beginner. I want to learn discrete math due to its relevance to computer science. The topics that I have tried to study include:

    1. Information Theory and Entropy
    2. Mathematical Logic
    3. Set Theory
    4. Combinatorics
    5. Automata Theory
    6. Number Theory
    7. Graph Theory
    8. Discrete Probability Distributions
    9. Computability Theory
    10. Computational Complexity Theory
    11. Cryptography
    12. Computational Geometry
    13. Topology
    14. Combinatorial Optimization
    15. Relational Database Theory
    16. https://www.amazon.com/Algorithms-4...438875149&sr=1-3&keywords=computer+algorithms
    EDIT: It seems inappropriate to post here. I have privately conversed with jedishrfu about deletion of this thread since I have made one in the Academic Guidance section. I'm sorry for anything I have done wrong.
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