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HVAC DIY glovebox or closed fume-hood?

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    Hi everybody, I'm a PhD student working on solution-processed kesterite PV cells. The material is spin-coated and I personally believe that its wetting properties are influenced by environmental parameters like temperature and humidity.
    To control these parameters, or at least reduce their influence, I was considering to do an home-made glovebox or try to close the fume-hood in which the spin-coater is located.
    Essentially I'd like to put the spin-coater in a controlled environment.

    Do you have any suggestion or experience?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I'm an HVAC engineer, specializing in lab (and clean room) ventilation...

    What kind of temperature and humidity ranges are you after? Have you discussed with your university's facilities department whether you can get the whole lab's HVAC settings changed?

    Fundamentally, a fume hood is an open protection device that protects you from what is inside via airflow (a lot). Even with the sash closed, there is airflow. There is no getting around that, so there is no way to alter the environment inside the fume hood other than to alter the air flowing in. The process you are doing in the fume hood (chemicals you are using) - presumably your advisor or university EHS department dictated that it be performed in a fume hood for safety?

    A glove box or similar type enclosure can be made with a self-contained HVAC system and a smaller amount of exhaust. It's the self-contained and precision controlled HVAC system that is the tougher part, though it depends on your requirements if/how it can be done ad-hoc.

    Here's a quick example of the typical glove box environmental chamber, you're looking to approximate:
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    This seems to be more about controlling the conditions for the experiment than about safety .

    Could @acvtre actually be trying to describe something which is essentially the same as a paint spraying booth with environment controls ?
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