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Schools Do letter of recomendations when applying to university matter?

  1. Jan 3, 2010 #1
    Do the professors or whoever it is that chooses to accept who gets in to unviersity or not even take into consideration the letter of recomendation? My friends suggested i get a letter of recomendation from my current math teacher if i don't think i'm going to get high enough marks for my chosen program i'm applying to. (math) But to be honest, i highly doubt the people who look over these things even take into consideration the letter.

    This coming semester, i have :

    adv functions << night school
    data and statistics

    I'm willing to give up everything to get into my local university's math program (carleton university. Btw, does anybody know if they have a good program for math there?)

    Well a little about me and my life. For all my life until last summer, i just screwed around and didn't care about school. Thought i'd take on a trade and have an easier life. But when i actually got into the trade, it wasn't easy at all and constantly getting yelled at when i was giving 100% of my body. It still wasn't enough so i got out of it. Then during last year of highschool, i took a grade 12 college course math. I was easily the top student which was stupid because i only had a 70% in that class and everybody else screwed around. I didn't do much homework but little by little, i started to really like math and wanted to understand it more. Of course i still wanted to try bricklaying/masonry. When that didn't work out, i knew there was only one option left. That was to go back to school for another year in highschool

    Now i'm playing catchup and everyday i do math but it's so hard for me to break into the 80% barrier. I know i can do it. It just takes time and i'm sure it will come. The only subject i like is physics/math. I hate the arts and even for physics/math i'm not good at it. I've been busting my *** every day to catch up with my fellow classmates in a grade 11 math class.

    Anyway thanks for answering if you do. Btw, sorry if my paragraphing and wording sucks. I'm not that good at english.
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    Vanadium 50

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    If the university you are applying to is asking for letters of recommendation, it's a good bet that they will look at it.
  4. Jan 4, 2010 #3
    Think like this, are the grades you get from your school unbiased? Do a high SAT score mean that you are really smart? Do extracurricular activities mean that you are a serious person?

    The thing is, nothing guarantees that you are a good student. But having high grades is more unlikely if you are a bad student, same as having a good letter of recommendation.
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