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Do we have to learn Chinese?

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    1 of my friend told me that Chinese is 1 of the must learn langueges! At 1st I thought he was joking but he was damn serious. I know him. He's 1 of the people who never do unnecessary things. I always thought it would be the last language in the world that I want to learn since it sounds quite difficult.

    What you think? Is chinese going to be like English and computer that everyone needs to know? Have you ever think of learning that?
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    Nah. You dont need to know chinese.
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    In fact this is a possible scenario, some people being definitely convinced about it.

    Independently of the likelihood of this scenario, you might find it very interesting to learn chineese, whose language might be difficule, but also whose culture is very rich. :smile:
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    A lot of people in business are learning chinese as the economic power of china increases. With a population of over 1 billion this is seen as a smart move in the business world. It couldn't hurt to learn chinese as humanino says. The language is tonal which is very interesting for us English speakers, and especially those with aspergers :tongue:
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    I don't see why anyone outside of a small number that need to deal directly with the Chinese would need to learn the language.

    I can't imagine an outpouring of unique technology from China that would require me to actually need to learn the language. By the time it would get into my hands, it would be translated into English anyway.

    Yes, China has a huge population, but the majority of that population is pretty much isolated from the rest of the world.

    Lisa, what was your friend's reasoning?
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    Ne how maaaa!

    Wa hen how!???

    Wa hun niiii

    Ok, thats enough for now....

    Zai Jian!!! :rofl:
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    Forget Chinese, you need to learn English first!
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    depends on how long you want to live =]. And its a question of do you want to learn to read or speak. Reading is horrible, i have yet to master reading =]

    I think everyone should go back to pictograms/stickmen.
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    china will rule america within 50 years, everybody knows that
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    They'll rule for about 28 days until all of their manufactured parts start to break down. They may be able to hang on longer since by then they'll have complete control over the world's underwear production.
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    LOL :rofl: :rofl:
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    You know, for a minute there I thought that this thread might be posted by a disgruntled freshman physics student who just realized that she and her physics TA don't speak a common language...
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    Maybe you don't see the emerging power right here inside the USA. But I can tell you that for instance in Paris, the last decade has seen tremendous growing number of asiatic shops, and to be honnest the chineese mafia there is quite powerful and cleverly lead. For instance there is one of the largest public square with two well known fast food (one american and one european brand...) facing each other at the corner of the street. Then opened a chinese fast food, well it did not take long for people to realize that it is cheaper, better, faster...
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    I dont see how that equates to China owning anything. Thats just a fast food joint on the corner of the street and has nothing to do with the Chinese Government.
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    I am not certain that the current american economical/cultural domination can be attributed to its government, past of present. I think it is more due to the people actually (which is a compliment actually :smile:)
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    Correction, when I was in california I did see this resturant and said WTF, are you serious!?

    http://static.px.yelp.com/bphoto/r5NOfwpG2VQobeZqCMl3lA/l [Broken]
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    From maoskitchen's web site
    You should have tried it, maybe you would have liked it :biggrin:
    Frankly, I am not too much into chineese food myself.
    I always found cat taste better than dog :tongue2:

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    Yep, you're right! Anyway it wouldn't be a bad idea to learn Chinese.:smile:

    He was about to explain his reasons since I was wondering the same thing but unfortunately our discussion was interrupted by his work(Damn! He's too busy) and then I didnt get the chance to bring up that discussion again! I'm pretty sure that he has good reasons for his claim and I'm dying to know them. That's why I'm asking you since I dont think I'd get the chance to talk to him anymore since he's asked me out 3 times and I've declined that so he told me that he prefers not to see/talk to me again!:rolleyes:
    Maybe learning Chinese rejoins us again!o:)

    You need to try this 1::tongue2:

    Learn Chinese in 5 minutes!
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    :rofl: Absolutely! :rofl:
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    Are you sure the restaurant is not a joke. The Chinese characters on the right hand side is horribly wrong.

    And i see nothing wrong with learning a second language just for the fun of it.
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    That's because they are Japanese.
  24. Apr 18, 2007 #23
    ,it's really chinese words ,why do you think it's japanese. and about the characters,i have no idear.
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    have a good reason to study Chinese:

    there is inhibitive for gun,much safer than america
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    The chinese text is translated: Mao's kitchen.
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