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Do you have any recommendation of book involving mathematical physcis?

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    Hi, I'm very interesting about Theoretical physics, In fact, I want to learn about Particle

    physics for my desire to solve difficulty.

    But, when I tried to study the famous mathematical book, by afken, I recognized it very hard

    to study by myself.

    So, I want to know other book which is well combination of afken. These book should be

    used to refer some difficulty.

    Moreover, I was shocked that there is new mathematical physics book which stress very

    different field than other ordinary books.

    "A Course in Modern Mathematical Physics: Groups, Hilbert Space and Differential Geometry"

    Did you see that? I saw list of contents it have and it emphasiss other mathematic field, not

    Calculus. Is it good for student who is not famillar with theoretical physics?

    Is it necessary to know about other mathematic field when i attempt to understand what

    kind of structure of universe, particle, origin of our world ?

    Please answer my question.
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    What mathematics do you know now? Do you know calculus? If you know calculus, I recommend "Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences" by Mary L. Boas.
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    The diff eq approach is what you need if you are investigating materials and quantum behavior and doing research; if you just want insights and the way Planck's, Newton's and the max v of energy play a part, tensors is the option.

    It's the easy algebra. I recall a mate doing a master's topic, Mach's principle with pages of triple integrals - not pretty.
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