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Do you have this problem as well?

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    Hi all

    I have somewhat a 'problem' here, and i don't know whether it is a good or bad thing.

    When I'm trying to study, i can't get myself to study unless in a public library. In my house, all i would think of doing is coming is surfing on the net or just playing my instrument.

    My question is: is this a good or bad thing? and do you have this problem as well?
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    Yes, I kind of have that problem too. My suggestion would be, if you have the space, to create one specific place that is devoted to studying that is not in youf room with the computer or other temptations :-)
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    It's only a bad thing if you aren't able to find a place to study where you can focus on studying. Since you seem to be okay studying in the library, as long as you can get to the library, then study there. I've found it's good to be able to separate where I work from where I play, otherwise, yes, playing too much is always a temptation. I guess there was a benefit to growing up in a house and time when bedrooms didn't have TVs and computers, so there were few things to distract me when I was younger and working at my desk in my room.

    When I'm doing work that really requires my focus (as opposed to what I'm taking a break from now because it's so mind-boggingly boring and tedious that I need frequent breaks to stay sane), I have an office set up in my house that has no TV or radio, just clean desks, bookshelves and my computer. For some things, even my office here at the university isn't a distraction-free environment, except in the evenings when most other people have gone home and anyone here late is also here to get work done without distractions.

    That said, usually once I get myself started on something, I can stay focused as long as nobody else interrupts me, to the point where I completely lose track of time (I need to have my computer or cell phone set to sound an alarm for appointments or I'll miss them when I'm really engrossed in something I'm doing).
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    I'm that way, but thats how i like it. If i'm working on some homework, eventually it gets to the point where i'm either so bored, or so frustrated that i'd do nearly anything to end my misery... At which point i pick up my guitar and pretend to be a rock star. Once i'm bored with that, i check out the internet, find something amusing, get bored, play guitar some more, then maybe watch some cartoons. Once i'm bored with cartoons i'll maybe look at my homework again, but then i'll remember my extreme boredom or frustration at the homework, and start talking to my venus flytrap, Jesus.

    Jesus is a great listener, i'll talk about my day, and why i'm not working, and how its ok, because i'd rather talk to him anyways. Eventually i realize he isn't talking back, and so the conversation isn't that interesting and i'll decide i've wasted enough time, I'll do some work. But, no my homework... no, i'll clean up a little first, then maybe run a few errands, so then i at least feel productive. Soon i'll get really excited cause i've done so much today, i figure 'hey, know what'd be really productive, finishing that homework!' And so i sit down and find that hey, this problem wasn't really so hard afterall... then i do it, but realize its about time for bed.

    I'll get ready for bed, but first play Jesus a lullabuy on the guitar (it helps him sleep.) and then i check pf again, just in case something exciting happened.... heh... then i watch a few more cartoons... occassionally some stand-up comedy. Then i'll remember that homework right as i'm about to turn off the tv and fall asleep. So then i get really restless, and i pick up my guitar again. I'll pay for a while till my fingers hurt, then i'll check pf once more. Chit chat with some friends, more stand-up or cartoons, then i'll look and see if there's any really easy problems i can do on the hw... nope... awell, at least i tried. By now its usually really really late, so i finally go to bed out of sheer exhaustion. By the time class rolls around in the morning i'm too tired to get up, so i sleep in for 5 minutes, then 5 more... and then 'OH no! i missed class!' then i curse at myself for wasting all that time yesterday doing homework when i didn't go to class anyways....
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    Is that synonimous to "spanking the monkey"...?If so,then u must be aware of the consequences:the monkey might fight back and cause serious injuries to you fingers and to your face.I think there was a thread recently on this subject,right in this forum... :uhh:

    In general,it's a bad thing... :yuck:


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    When i get really into something, its not a problem, but if its something i don't want to do...well, everything is a distraction. My own mind is a distraction. Sometimes it seems like i have selective ADD. I can focus fine, but not if i don't like what is i'm doing, then there is almost no chance in hell of focusing on it.
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    Hey Gale!
    You seem almost as depressed as I am...
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    Sounds like me! I'll do a bunch of chores that I've been putting off just to avoid doing homework... Usually it goes something like this:

    "Ok, time to start... hold is, is the trash full? I should empty it first. All right, now i'm starting for sure; but hold on - someone may have sent an e-mail first. Let me just check quickly. Oh, I haven't played this game in a while, let me just play for half an hour - then i'll start for sure. Uh oh, now my favorite TV show is on. I can't miss that! I'll just watch it first and then begin"

    Ad nauseum. Once I actually get started on work I do it pretty diligently but getting started is a huge process :D
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    I have the exact same problem. You basically said word for word how I am.

    Whenever I need to study, I have to run to the library.. I have this wandering mind, and these stupid distractions at my house keep, well, distracting me. I keep surfing the net, and recently I've been addicted to chess.. I never get anything done at home.
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    mathlete, franz, and knavish have perfectly described what's happening to me too, for example when I do homework, i experience the exact same thing... can't do it at all if I don't like it... Number one procrastinator right her - ah what the heck, i will finish typing that e later....
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