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Does between UEL and LEL can be have more powerfull explosion.

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    Umm, what?
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    He's asking if a mixture somewhere between the upper explosive limit and lower explosive limit is going to generate a more powerful explosion than one near either end point.

    And the answer is yes. The most powerful explosion should be right around stoichiometric mix, which should be around the mid point between UEL and LEL.
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    you say the powerful explosion will be arond the mid point... do you mean the powrrful explosion (pressure) is not exactly in the mid point..
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    like a hydrogen gas the lower explosion limit is 4% ...and the uper explosion limit is 74%.... and between them exactly 35.5% ...that will be maxmim powerful explosion pressure.....do i say correct
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    It depends on many conditions, including the shape of the vessel in which the explosion happens, the way in which the mixture is ignited, specific details of what the flammable material is and how it is distributed, any turbulence or air currents.... People who design high-performance automobile engines spend an enormous amount of time on these details.

    So the peak won't necessarily be exactly at the stoichiometric point, but as K^2 says, it will be pretty close.
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