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Does fasting cause headaches?

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    Hey all.

    I felt really really dizzy today, and was about to vomit. But thankfully that didn't happen.

    I tried to seek out a proper answer to why i was dissy today, and i relised i was doing some things before i went a bit dizzy.

    1). Played flute for quite a while (lets say about a hour)
    2). didn't eat anything but breakfast

    The latter seems quite stupid, as i've always just eaten breakfast, and got along fine.

    Does anyone know why headaches like this hapen?
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    By the sounds of it you are not used to playing for long periods of time, you played more higher (or lower) notes than you normally do, you haven't been drinking enough fluids or you were trying to play fortissimo and were not using your diaphragm.

    One of those might be the answer but what I have said is from my experiences as a musician, not as a scientist.

    The Bob (2004 ©)
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    2). didn't eat anything but breakfast

    The fact that you didn't eat anything but breakfast can contribute to the fact that you felt dizzy and sick. What I believe happens is that when you go for a long time without eating your blood sugar level begins to decrease causing weakness and the feeling that you are tired. It may also cause shaking of the hands in some people. You also went for a long time playing the flute which is also a tiring activity (I used to play the saxophone). The fact that you were most likely tired and hungry could lead to the fact that you became dizzy and almost vomited. Also as stated by The Bob you probably weren't drinking enough water which also causes a nauseous feeling. Hope that helps.
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    Tension type headaches may be triggered by emotional or physical stress (eg. an argument, fatigue, prolonged reading, dehydration,fasting or sitting for a long time), or by environmental factors such as loud music.
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    I think The Bob and Music Monkey answered pretty thoroughly. So, just to sum up, fasting can cause headaches, as can abnormal breathing (such as you might have done while playing the flute; if you were sustaining a single breath too long or hyperventillating - not sure which might be the case with playing the flute having never done so, but I can imagine it might be either).

    My personal experience is that I get migraines if I go too long without eating, and those are accompanied by nausea, which makes it difficult to then eat and get over it; the best way to avoid it is to make sure I eat at the earliest possible sign of feeling a little light-headed or headachy, before the nausea kicks in.
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    Or you could be getting a sickness like the flu
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