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[medical] What just happened to me? After waking from a nap I

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    Today, I had class from 10 to 1. I was extremely exausted after getting home (don't know why, its my shortest day) and went take a nap. I fell asleep instantly.

    After napping for a while, I felt like I never was going to get up. My roommate was cooking a beef stew so I decided to get up and eat to feel a bit better. I got up relatively quick.

    Right as I was fixing my plate, my temples started pulsing and I felt really warm all over. And I felt queasy, so I went to the bathroom where someone was running the dryer. It was super hot in there and when the heat hit me I felt terrible. So I went outside and sat down for some fresh air and vomited twice, but it wasn't much at all.

    After I vomited I felt horrible, it felt like my skin was on fire and I didn't move or look at anything because I didn't want to induce vomitting again.

    I started sweating, all over. It wasn't beads of sweat, it was just a film of slimy sweat everywhere and my shirt was soaked.

    After sitting outside in the fresh air for about 20 minutes I felt "ok." This is honestly what neo must have felt like when he was first was disconnected from the matrix.

    Woke up from comatose nap
    sweating profusely
    skin on fire.

    Any ideas?
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    Please see a doctor. We do not give out medical advice on this forum.
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    Yes, please go see your doctor -- do you use the health clinic on campus? Are they still open now, or have they closed for the day? If closed, I'd still suggest that you visit your local Urgent Care facility. There are lots of things that could have caused this, and it's important for you to know what it was.
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    There are several possibilities as berkeman indicated. Dehydration (or heat exhaustion) is a possibility.

    See if the symptoms describe one's condition. And do see a doctor.
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