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Does initial speed of a gun affect bullet velocity?

  1. Feb 10, 2016 #1
    My brother and I were having an argument so I decided to make an account on this forum. Say you were to lurch you hand forward while firing a pistol. Would that affect the max velocity of the bullet?
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    It would indeed, just like shooting a gun from a moving vehicle will also affect the velocity of the bullet. The idea is similar to this experiment done by mythbusters:

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    Would it have an effect on the max velocity of the bullet? yes, but it would be negligible when talking about the effectiveness of the round. Even if you were in a car going 80 mph and shot a bullet directly behind you (or in front of you) it would be negligible in all but the slowest rounds.
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    HA. I remember having this conversation when I was in secondary school ( about 1959). It was about cowboys and rustlers. The question was would the pursuing riders have an advantage of range with their guns over the retreating rustlers. Nothing new under the Sun. :smile:
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    Rather the opposite, if you consider air resistance.
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