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Does reality change from person to person

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    is it possible that in one persons eyes red would be my yellow and their yellow would be my red and their sphere could be my cube and so on and so forth so that we would be describing an object with a matching description but at the same time be talking about something completely diferent
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    Sure. Consider people that have red-green color blindness. They have a different experience of color than people with normal three-cone color vision. The cube versus sphere example is a little harder to make a case for - though not completely impossible. Cubes and spheres have properties that cause them to act on things in the world in specific ways, and we learn to work with them and label them from the time we are very small (e.g., we learn to roll the ball and stack the blocks).
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    Reality is perception and we each perceive differently so each ones reality is different.
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    uh well i'd disagree i think that yes reality is known through experience/perception but our interpretation/reasoning about it is different.

    Say for instance i go to some river to fish... but this river ALSO serves as a boundry between to territories.

    The locals and i would BOTH perceive it as a long fast moving area of water but they interpret it as a boundry and i perceive it as a fishing area.
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    You would then both be holding two different realities
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