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Does Space need to be filled?

  1. Jun 25, 2012 #1
    Something i need an awnser to! Its not homework just somehtign that has keeped me form sleeping for awhile.

    But heres my view on it:

    Space would need to be filled, so it can have a property fo distance bettween two thigns. Like if you had two planets netx to each other and youy take everyhting in the middle out so there is nothign doesn't that eman the two planets should be together toughing not apart?

    Can soemone help me on this please? thanks.
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    Welcome to PF, Nick.
    There really is no easy answer to your question. Space is not a thing... it's a lack of things. It doesn't need to be filled with anything, because its very nature is to not be filled with anything. When you get into virtual particles, zero point energy, etc., that's a whole different scene which I am not qualified to comment upon.
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    Thankyou! :eek:
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    You have a strange way of asking questions! Your question, in the title of this thread, is "Does space need to be filled?" but the main sentence in your post is the bald assertion "Space would need to be filled". If you believe that, why ask, and what evidence do you have that this is true?
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