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Does the world's smartest man, Edward Witten, believe in God?

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    Does the world's smartest man, Edward Witten, believe in God? It's been said he's the smartest man since Aristotle.
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    What does it matter? If he believes in God, should we then all believe in God? If he doesn't should we not? Who cares what this guy thinks about religion? He is an expert in Physics, not Religion.
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    im curious
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    I'm not sure this discussion will go very far. As mattmns has stated, what does it really matter? I can only see this thread descending into a religious debate.
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    people are curious about other people. i'm curious about Witten's religious and/or (a)theistic beliefs.
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    Its ed witten, not britany spears.
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    I don't know about him being smartest man since Aristotle, but I understand he knows his maths & physics. Last I recall, he is in the process of creating new mathematics to describe superstring theory.
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    There is no point to this thread. Why don't you try googling information on him and see what you find if you are so curious.?
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