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Studying Does white noise impair studying, reading or recall/memor?

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    Hi, I recently have been trying to look into whether or not white noise works as a means to block out external sounds so i can concentrate. However, I want to know whether it actually impairs studying and reading. I do not care if it has no benefit, as long as it has no negative effects.

    I am trying to block out the sounds of my brother through the walls when he is playing his xbox. As I am hyper-sensitive to noise and any abrupt noises what so ever throw me out of my concentration.

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    You have the right idea of drowning out abrupt noises -- I have the same issue with learning, or just thinking clearly and reading, etc.

    a box fan is great for studying, reading, thinking, etc.

    I like headphones and music too, though I know this is hit or miss with a lot of people. (Some people I know can't do any music, some can do music without lyrics -- e.g. classical music, some like me listen to most anything).
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