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Homework Help: Dont know how to use capcitor or its uses

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    i tried to ignore the capcitor and i got 2.5 amp bec i dont know how to use capcitor or its uses
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    Time to open a book then!
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    There is this really nifty facility called "Google Search". You would be well advised to learn how to use it.
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    After one time constant the capacitor will be charged to about 0.632 * 500V.
    Now you just need to calculate the voltage that drops over the resistor and devide that by 200 Ohm.
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    do i have to say every time i post something that these questions are just out of book and i need quick answers my book doesnt contain alot of info about the capacitor your posts arent helpful i am in vacation i just solve these questions to apply for a university test which will contain questions from many books not in my high school unfortunately and when i googled it i found really complex things :mad:
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    do you mean that the final voltage will be 500-316=184 and current will be 0.92 amp or i have to do something else thx for your help dr i really appreciate it but my friend told me that the resulting voltage will be opposite in direction to that of battery can you explain how the capcitor work thx.
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    The Electrician

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    There's your problem right there.

    "There is no royal road to learning"

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