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Doppler and winds effct on it?

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    Im trying to find the ansewr to an extra credit question in class. We are studing the doppler effect and the question came up does wind effect the sound you hear. At first i was thinking that it might but since the velocity of sound is so much greater than that of wind that you would notice no notable effect. The i thought to myself that if im walking toward or away from the soure that effects the sound and i know my walking isnt that fast so im sortof lost here.
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    Just add/subtract the wind speed into the sound source speed.

    EDIT -- I guess I should have done the math first. Think about the reference frames. In the case of a wind blowing from the moving object towards the listener, there is a reduced Doppler shift with respect to the blowing wind's moving reference frame, but then what happens at the listener? And there is an analogous situation for a wind that flows from the listener to the sound source. Interesting.
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    Yea, i would have to agree that wind definitely has an impact ont eh doppler effect, afterall, the medium is moving.
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    The wind doesn't alter the doppler effect. Not a steady wind anyhow. It's as if both you and the source of sound are moving together through still air at the speed of the wind.
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