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Double Major, or Major+Minor?

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    I am a 2nd year Aerospace Engineering student, and have to make a decision soon on what path I am going to take. My initial decision was to do a double major in Aerospace/Mechanical Eng. ( my school offers the double major ), but recently I have been thinking about doing a Aero Major with a minor in either Mathematics/Physics. Ultimately, I would like a job in the aerospace industry, but know that jobs are hard to come by and I don't go to a top 10-15 school, so it'd probably be even harder for me. This may lead me to end up getting a job doing Mechanical Engineering. Does anyone have any input as to which path I should take? The double major adds another semester ( which I'm fine with ), while the minors I'd be able to squeeze in with the 4-year program. Any help/guidance I can get with this would be greatly appreciated.
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    Pesonally, I would go for the double major. Having another BS is much better than a minor for sure. It will create a lot of flexibility to you, in case you can't find a job in the Aerospace Industry. As you stated yourself, the double major will require additional work, so it will look good on a resume
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    Don't let the structure of a minor or additional major hold you back. Take the classes you find interesting and related to what you want to do. After you receive a BS everything else is just trophy baggin. Take that adv. physics class you think is interesting or 'cool', or a couple of mechanical eng classes that seem applicable. Math classes always help out in the business world and maybe take a statistics or two if you don't already have them. Feel like you can take the 'best' classes in a field vs. achieving another line on your resume.
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