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Doubts in Epitaph of Stevinus .

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    Doc Al

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    I imagine they are just labels of the beads.
    Why is what enclosed?

    There's a description of Stevin's Proof on this page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inclined_plane#History
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    hi iVenky! :smile:

    the whole "wreath" is capable of moving round the triangle, keeping the same shape

    but (if the wreath has a constant density all the way round, and assuming the rollers have negligible mass) there is obviously no reason for it to do so, and so it must be in equilibrium

    ie it is in equilibrium if m1/L1 = m2/L2

    multiplying both sides by the height of the triangle gives m1sinθ1 = m2sinθ2 :wink:
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    Thanks I understood the concept after seeing the proof for that.
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