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Drawing Software for Mech Eng?

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    Pretty simple, just what the title says, anyone know of some good drawing software for Mechanical Engineering?

    What I mean by drawing software is software that can make diagrams such as MOHr Strain Diags, Beam Diags, and Freebody drawings, etc.?

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    pen and paper.

    I mean seriously? A drawing package for FBD and beam diagrams? If you are hell bent on using a computer, you may as well use MS Paint.

    Mohrs circles are a little different, they can be drawn in any maths package. You may even find an applet on the web that will draw them.
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    Any Computer Algebra System like MathCAD or Maple can make plots. AutoCAD can be used for FBD's although it may be a bit over kill. MS Visio is probably the quickest and easiest to use.

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    I was going to say that the only time I would need report-quality FBD and the like...would be in a report. As such, the drawing tools in Microsoft Word should be more than satisfactory.

    Or as mentioned...MS Paint.
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    MS Visio is good but I personally prefer just using the drawing tools in power point.
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