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Duplicating the function of an IR remote

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    My bedroom AC has a remote. I would like to make an ultra-simple circuit to duplicate just the ON button. I want to leave the real remote on the nightstand and still be able to turn my AC on from downstairs (I do have line-of-sight).

    I guess step 1 will be to detext what the remote is sending out...


    duh. There are learning remotes!

    Thanks guys!!
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    Happy to help.
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    It's just relatively simple pulse sequences. A timer and counter circuit could do it (although I'd choose simpler design over cost and use an ATtiny8 or some other microcontroller).

    There are pages on the net which detail the pulse sequences for different brands of controllers (if you don't want to measure it yourself).

    Or of course you could get a 'learning' remote, but where's the fun in that? ;)
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    On a side note, if you have a first-generation PSP (affectionately called phat), with custom firmware installed (CFW) you there is a IRremote app which could potentially let you turn on your A/C while playing your favorite video game.
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