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Building An Infrared Remote To Control Triacs

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    Hey there PF!

    I'm currently working on building an Infrared Remote to control a series of triacs. The objective is to create a "remote control power bar". The original plan was to use push button switches to toggle the Q lead of a 4013, each of which houses two switching circuits.

    Q and NOT-Q toggle when CP receives a clock pulse. R is a reset so I can turn all of the circuits off at once.

    The 4013 triggers a MOC3011, which isolates the 4013 from the large AC voltages/currents. Inside inside the 3011 is a LED and a photo-transistor. The LED gets turned on when Q goes high and in turn activated the photo-transistor. In turn the IC triggers a triac.

    What I want to do is design the setup to work with either the touch-switches or be triggered by an infrared controlled setup.

    Here is a schematic of the original circuit. I've crossed out the touch switches at the top because they didn't work properly. Now there is pair of resistors, a capacitor, and a schmit trigger that generate the clock pulse.


    What I'm thinking of doing is having the infrared remote send a clock pulse to the 4013 instead of directly triggering the MOC3011. That way I can still use physical switches if the remote fails.

    I found this schematic on the internet:


    The IC ULN2830 is a typo apparently, I think it's supposed to be 2803, which makes it a bunch of darlington pairs. I figure I can eliminate that and program the PIC to generate a clock pulse and trigger the 3014

    Current Problems:
    1. I don't have a programming board for the 14 pin PIC
    2. I don't know how to write in PICBasic

    Actually the same site that schematic is from (HERE) has some code for the transmitter and reciever, but I don't know how to modify it to do what I want.

    Does anyone here have past experience with this?

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