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Dynamic forces acting on a rolling wheel/sphere

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    Good afternoon,

    I've tried to find a simplified model for the dynamic forces acting on a rolling wheel, but have had very limited success. I'm looking for a force that is proportional (or related to) the rotational velocity of the wheel (rotational damping) because of the contact point of the wheel.

    Would anyone be able to shed light on this?

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    Thanks Spinnor,
    I am aware of rolling resistance, but I believe that angular velocity of the wheel is a function of only the power required to overcome rolling resistance; whereas I am looking for a force (not power) that has velocity as a dependent. More specifically I am looking for a real-life force that acts as a rotational viscous damper, except that viscosity by air friction is not a consideration.

    I had a look at Hertz contact forces but I can only see non-velocity dependent terms.
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    Found some stuff that might be relevant, do you have access to a good engineering library? The following book and ones like it should have what you need. Google lets me see several pages,

    http://books.google.com/books?id=NS...tance of auto tire&pg=PA36#v=onepage&q&f=true

    Found via Google book search,


    Go down 1/4 of the following page and see figures 4 and 5 along with their explanation, Rolling speed,


    Good luck!
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