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PHP Dynamic Website (PHP & MySQL)

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    I already have a static website, and now I am trying to design a dynamic website.
    I used Apache, PHP, and MySQL and setup on my computer (hostname = localhost) and tested my member directory database. It worked fine that I can add, edit and delete, and update the data from table.

    I am trying to public and test it from my current yahoo small bussiness host. What should I do? Anyone can help step by step how to do this?

    Thanks for any help!

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    The first thing you'll need to do is to make sure that the server you're moving it to supports php and sql. In college, they gave us folders to make personal websites and had php enabled, but sql was not.

    Have you thought of just using your machine as a server? Assuming you can get the security locked down, there are dynamic dns services that you can get to point a static domain name to a dynamic ip address.
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    Thanks minger.

    I called yahoo, he said that the host name is "mysql", so I think the MySQL will be supported. Normally, people use their own machines as servers, you meant?
    I have account with Yahoo (small bussiness domain) and already posted my static website there. I am thinking of replacing it with the dynamic website. How do you think? Is it possible?

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    mySQL is a free, open-source sql implementation. I personally use it at home along with php to run a dynamic intranet (movies, recipes, etc). It is pretty easy to pick up and use. As a GUI, I use phpmyadmin which makes things a LOT easier.

    As far as using your own computer, you can run apache (another free open source program) to serve websites. If you forward your ports correctly through your router, at any time, you could type in your external IP address and "see" your website.

    The only problem is that internet companies change your IP address so frequently that it doesn't work. However, there are services (more free!) that can keep track of that dynamic ip and you can then just keep track of a single domain name.

    But...if you have hosting, you might as well use it.
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    I bought a domain name from Yahoo small bussiness with HTML (static) web posted.
    Now I want to replace it with a dynamic web so that I can sell my products online, and I want to keep all information (user infor and product infor) on my own machine instead of on Yahoo web server. Is it possible? Is it so complicated? What I need to do?

    Thanks, minger!
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