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Earth as energy absorber for EME

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    Dear Physicists,
    A break from your usual heavy science, might ease a bit .
    Im trying to reconcile the concept :

    Earth is both an energy absorber and a conductor

    Let :
    E : energy EME : electromagnetic energy MgE : magnetic Energy
    M : mass EE : electrical energy H : heat
    ME : mechanical energy

    ( my general definition)

    Energy conductor : is letting energy to pass thru, providing nearest path to the E source

    Energy absorber : is receiving E and releasing a counter E until the net sum is zero. Also receives E in any form and transforms it to other forms.
    Premise 1.
    Earth is used as the return conductor for a dc transmission sys.

    Premise 2. Earth as an energy absorber.

    a. Lightning : it is an EME with an equivalent mass( by einstein’s theory), Earth is mass, two mass attracts, (by gravitational force), Earth releases counter E to lightning making net energy exchange to zero.(lightning is absorbed)

    b. An isolated generator with its output is directly connected to earth,
    In the counter reaction of E between earth & generator, the earth’s E is transformed to EME (back emf creating counter magnetomotive force) which tends to stop the shaft. All E is transformed to H, in the process pushing material strenght limits, more heat until energy is back to zero.

    c. The natural flow of EE to the earth is analogous to water seeking the path of less resistance, to a position of lowest potential energy.( its high potential energy is absorb by the earth)

    I’m using the above premises as the purpose or reason for using a ground rod or ground rod beds.” which is to provide a low resistance path for earth to absorb the leakage ( short circuit to ground) energy and of lightning energy.

    I’m an electrical technician just trying to understand electrical phenomenon in easier way.
    Your opinions is appreciated

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    Please discontinue this wrong impression. Earth has a REST mass. Electromagnetic radiation such as light has ZERO rest mass (by Einstein's theory). You are welcome to look for a ton of threads already on this in the SR/GR forum, or any physics FAQ.

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    Dear Moderator, Zapperz
    I didn't mean to bother you, but do you know a specific thread that explains the state of the earth as mostly the target of lightnings, and what happens when electric energy is diverted to it.
    Thanks very much for the comment. I'll keep on searching
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    If this is the main topic of your question, then this belongs in the Earth forum. That is where I'm moving this to.

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    "Absorber" really isn't a scientific word. I think the word you are looking for is "sink" (which then also implies a source).

    In this context, I would call the earth a charge source/sink.

    I wouldn't call the earth a conductor, since it doesn't really transport electricity from one place to another: it is an originating or ending point, with a large capacity (relative to what goes in and comes out).
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    I don't know about that. Here in the good ol' US nearly every tornado spins counterclockwise. Every now and then though, one will spin clockwise. If they're the awesome electrical vortices like some think they are, something has to be coming and going.
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    hi to the moderators here, Ms Monique, Mr Iansmith,
    i hope you wont transfer me too.
    may i have your opinion to my post.
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