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Eddy current equation question

  1. Aug 26, 2006 #1
    Whenever you stroke a magnet against a plate of copper or another good conductor of electricity you always get a force that opposes the movement of a magnet called and eddy current. What i want to know is can you calculate the repeling force of the eddy current? and if so how? I know that the key to the equation must have something to do with the strength of a magnet, how well the conductor conducts and the relative motion of the magnet or copper plate.

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    Anyone? Can someone please respond?
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    You should read about Lenz's law and Faraday's law of mutual induction
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    i do not believe that much is known about calculating the resisting force. The faster is moves the more it induces a current which repels it more. I remember observing a good experiment a cylindrical magnet perfectly sized for an aluminium tube, it moved somewhat irregularily, sometimes it went a bit faster and other times a bit slower. But it took 10 times longer to pass through than a regular non-magnet of equivalent shape.
    The structure of the metal is also important in the effect, hole in the metal will effect the flow of the electrons. in essense it creates a circuit via induction. If you want to learn more i suggest you take electromagnetism
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