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Edit post buttons are funky

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    D H

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    When I edit a post, the "save" button sometimes turns into "vote now". Clicking on this "vote now" button submits the changes but also gives a database error message. If I edit that same post a second time, the "go advanced" button also becomes "vote now" (I have two vote now buttons). On a third edit, the "delete" button also becomes "vote now". The problem seems to be associated with posts with erroneous LaTeX, but that might just be appearance.
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    vote now!

    Hi D H! :smile:

    I've only just noticed that …

    I usually open the edit page in a new tab, but just now I opened one in the same tab, and got a "vote now" button just as you did.

    I tried it on another thread, and found the same. But when I pressed cancel, and then pressed edit again, everything returned to normal. :biggrin:

    EDIT: hmm … only got boring old save this time. :redface:

    EDIT: and this time. :frown:

    EDIT: oooh … I give up! :cry:
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    How bizarre! When I click the edit button on both of your posts, I get weird options; like vote now, two buttons that say cancel etc..
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