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EE project ideas please

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    I am looking for some ideas on projects. I pretty much screwed up my first project because i chose a very difficult one(i couldn't complete it on time). I have got 2 months time before final submission. I am looking for some 'interesting' projects which can be completed in two months. I obviously want to do some good work but i also want good marks. A compromise between two would be best. So, if you have any ideas, projects or links, do share here and do tell me about it.
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    What year are you in school? What are your specialties so far in your studies? What subjects did you like the best? Have you worked with CPLD/FPGA logic yet? How about microcontrollers (uCs)? Have you worked with Microchip PIC uCs? How about the Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone processor boards? What area of EE do you want to work in after you graduate?
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    Its my pre-final year(3rd year). I have studied a lot of machines and power electronics in the past year. Control systems and Analog are my favourite subjects.

    I haven't studied that CPLD/FPGA logic yet. But i have a good idea of the microprocessors. I have studied the 8085 in my course.

    Control System is the area of EE where i would like to work.
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    Then maybe some sort of robotics project? Use a PIC uC to control several motors on a simple robot arm to do something (like move objects between 2 bins, etc.).
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    Looks good idea. How is this PIC uC? Is it easy to work with. Last time we tried using 8051 uC in a project and we ultimately couldn't program it.

    By motors you mean dc motors only? right.
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    Yes, PIC uCs from Microchip are easy to work with. Check out Microchip's website for info on demo boards and software, etc.

    I'm not sure what type of motors would be best -- that is part of your project anyway, figuring out what type of motors to use and why. Look at advantages/disadvantages of DC motors, Servo motors, Stepper motors, etc.
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    Also, consider Arduino as a possible controller. Not saying one or the other is better. Arduino and PIC are the mainstream choices.
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    So -- Looking for a project using System Control, Analog, - possibly use a uC ( PIC or Arduino) .... Poke areound Sparkfun, Instructables - for some ideas. 2 Months is relatively short to conceive, plan, purchase, build, debug and document....
    3D printer, or Mill - tricky because the bulk of the work is in the CAD/CAM side - although having a library of shapes for demo may work.
    Do something creative with a RC Car ( Make programmable to to do xx, without the radio control) - quad copter programming?
    --- OK - how about this - an automated motor test bed. Using a BLDC or PMDC motor as part of the system ( like a sensor)- develop a system that test the performance of other motors, like a car dyno but for small electric motors. Measure Torque, Speed, Power consumption Eff etc - use the uC to develop a test report for each unit.
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    For a robotic arm i think stepper motor will be used or do i have choices?It would be great if you could provide some links from where i can get a start!

    2 months is short duration but it is a group work. We are three in a group(effectively 2 only, one guy doesn't do any work). So we will divide the work among ourselves. And i have a spare Arduino. I bought it for the last project but our mentor insisted us to use the 8051.
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    Looks Like the 8051 will be tough, only 8 I/O - I am assuming you have a C (or higher level) programmer. Also no PWM outputs native, (IMO your Mentor does not want to leave his comfort zone .... therefor not the best mentor - but that is probably what he knows) -is it a true 8015 or a later up-compatible - maybe that would help(Wiki the 8051 to see what I mean)?

    Anyway -- for the 3rd wheel, give simple written tasks, document what they are responsible for.

    OK next I googled "cool 8051 projects" some good hits... look at what others have done, and make it unique... or since the 8051 has no direct PWM - show how to implement a PWM with it - I reference this because pretty much all power electronics, and motor control is PWM. -- one option to look up is bit-banging, needs to be real time, but has many real world applications - as a school project it will show real understanding.

    Oh - have a look -> http://www.8051projects.info/projects.asp
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