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EE still good choice for new Engineering major?

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    Given the current state of the jobs market, would the current Electrical Engineers still encourage new Engineering majors to select EE?

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    I'm a mechanical engineer, but yes, EE is still a good major to select. I wouldn't expect that to change any time for the forseeable future.
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    Thanks for the reply, Russ. Any other opinions out there?

    I'm going back and forth between Electrical and Civil, but I'll have all prereq's finished for EE sooner than I would for CE.

    Thanks again,
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    Electrical engineering is one of most central forms of engineering. Virtually all modern, complex products involve electrical engineering in some form. I've been an integrated circuit designer in Silicon Valley, the center of the electrical engineering universe, for the last ten years. The recession has hurt the Valley relatively less than it has hurt companies in almost any other sector of the economy. The EE industry as a whole has proven to be remarkably resilient.

    To me, that's the strongest indicator that the industry is alive and well, and likely growing even in bad times. Also, the field appears to be becoming more and more academic all the time, requiring better education of its new hires than ever, but that may be simply a reflection of my particular career path.

    - Warren
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    I guess I have to play devil's advocate. I've seen EE work racing to India and China, and I can only foresee this trend accelerating. Those of us with experience are in a better position as we have specialized knowledge, but I'd hate to be fresh from college and competing with people that work for 1/4 your rate.

    If I were mentoring my child, I would want her to go into (1) medical, (2) bio medical (not bio engineering), (3) nano particle / associated chemistry, (4) infrastructure associated engineering.

    - Mike
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    You can consider Power Engineering(EE) as infrastructure associated engineering.
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    I was just thinking today that I would check and see if I could specialize in power generation/supply/distribution or in renewable/sustainable systems of electrical energy...

    Thanks for all of the feedback, guys.

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    Power Generation/Transmission/Distribution is a rewarding field but life is tough...but this is true with most infrastructure engineering fields. However i must say, one must choose a career of interest and not to take decisions based on market fluctuations. At the end, one must not repent the decision! Any work or job carried out with interest is rewarding and satisfying. All the very best. :smile:

    Best regards,
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