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Effect of ntype/ptype dose increase on the pn diode breakdown.

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    I was hoping someone could answer my question.

    So i am wondering ..lets say i have a p-n diode. What happens if i increase the dose of the p-side of this junction . What happens to the reverse breakdown of this diode? People say that the reverse breakdown decreases when you increase the dose. Can someone please explain to me why it decreases?

    Thank you very much. I searched all over the internet for this answer and i couldnt find it

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    The key search terms for the reverse breakdown would be Zener and Avalanche. Using a google search for Zener breakdown versus doping gives you lots of good hits. Here is the 2nd hit:


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    Yes that's correct. Increasing the doping level in a pn diode causes the depletion region to become narrower. That is, the reverse voltage is blocked over a smaller distance hence the peak electric field is larger for a given reverse voltage.
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    Thank you very much for your help guys.... i think i get it.
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