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Effects of applying higher voltage to pic16F88

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    i was testing my pic microcontroller (16F88) but i forgot about the maximum voltage and applied 7volts to it. The microcontroller did not give me the expected result.To me it looks like it does not work but when i connect it to the programmer i am able to reprogram and even read from its flash memory. I want to know whether i have spoilt the microcontroller as a result of the 7volts.
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    I think its fine. It simply wont operate on 7v. Hence why it seems not to work. Input the proper voltage. 5V I would suggest, and I think you will find that it is not damaged.
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    Thanks HickmanENG. I used 4Volts and it worked (when i set the states of the pins) . But i want to toggle the state of pin 0 of port B (RB0) and whenever i do that with about 2seconds delay the pin only remains in one state.
    Please note that:
    I am using the internal oscillator of the micocontroller.
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    I have seen ICs that work to some extent, but fail to do other things.

    They are just a collection of components and it depends on what failed when you put too much voltage on it.

    I hope your IC is OK, but I suggest you get another one and try it with the same program in it and see what happens.
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