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Eig(A'*A) - out of memory. Any shortcuts?

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    A is pretty large (and sparse). I'd really like to be able to calculate this, using less RAM.
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    I wouldn't call myself an expert on eigenvalue algorithms, but I had some ideas.

    First, you've been using a MatLab http://www.mathworks.com/help/techdoc/ref/sparse.html" matrix for A, right?

    Second, you could try setting a variable to A'*A, then clearing A, and then having a call to eig on that variable.

    If you're on unix and you don't need the development environment, an option is to run a MatLab script with the "-nojvm" command line option.

    Other than that, increase the swap size. If that's not enough, get the following if you aren't already using them for this task:

    a 64 bit OS (and computer if needed)

    64-bit MatLab
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    Thanks for the suggestions
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