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Electric Current

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    Can anyone explain the concept of effective resistance between two points in a circuit. There are , on an average 6-7 resistors connected in every possible way in between the 2 points
    for exampe refer to H C Verma questions
    same for potential difference
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    Doc Al

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    Imagine that between those two points there is a voltage drop V and thus a total current I. The effective resistance is R = V/I. (In other words, for the purpose of seeing how that pile of resistors affects the rest of the circuit it connects to, you can replace those resistors with a single resistor of size V/I.)

    For simple combinations of resistors it's easy to find the effective resistance. For example, two resistors in parallel (R1 & R2) have an effective resistance of R where 1/R = 1/R1 + 1/R2.
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    I would just like to add that Dr. HC Verma's book is common only in our country and I doubt if non-Indian forum users would be familiar with it. Hence if you are asking for help from a book published in India, please reproduce the exact question rather than referring to it. This helps people help you :approve:

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