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Electric field due to a charged ring off-axis

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    How can i find the electric field due to a charged ring off-axis? Actually i have two ring electrodes in parallel and i would like to know how to find the electric field at any point in between the ring electrodes?
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    Meir Achuz

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    This is treated in advanced EM texts.
    The steps for one ring are:
    1. Find phi on ths axis.
    2. Expand phi in a Taylor series for either z>a or z<a.
    3. Use this expansion to write the Legendre polynomial expansion for all
    angle. Use phi=\sum r^L P_L(cos\theta) (or 1/r^{L+1}).
    4. Take grad phi to get E.
    The result is a bit messy for two rings, but it can be done.
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