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Engineering Electrical Engineering and Robots?

  1. Aug 10, 2010 #1
    Can a Electrical Engineer work with robots or should i gor more for a degree in Mechatronical Engineering or Electronic Engineering? I have 2 options of university here in my country but one only have Electrcial Engineering and the other have separate degrees of Mechatronics E or Electronic E.
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    Depends on what part of the robot you want to work on and to what level of detail. That being said, there is a focus within Mechanical Engineering call Mechatronics; check to see if your university offers it as an area of focus.


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    One unievrsity offers Mechatronics Engineering here in my country here it is if you wana chek.
    http://www.udb.edu.sv/Admisiones/carreras/ingenieria/ing_mecatronica/udb_cmecatronica_gen.htm [Broken]

    There is the pensum also.
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    Any one have more info?
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