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Electrical solitons are possible?

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    As I know usual copper wire does`t allow to transfer more than 1 Mb/s because at
    higher frequences electrical noise becomes too strong.Does anyone know if such
    thing as electrical solitons could exist and if it could allow to increase speed of data transfer
    a lot? Solitons are known for their high resistivity to dispersion.
    Here is some mention of electric solitons:
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    Copper wire (twisted pair and coax) most certainly can support datarates above 1Mbps. Just look at Gigabit Ethernet, for example:


    There are many modulation schemes, but I'm not familiar with any high bandwidth modulation schemes that use solitons...
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    Unfortunatly this technology seems to be working on short distances only, at least for a copper
    cables (25-100 m).
    I`ve meant some technology that could use usual phone cables and make Internet sufficiantly
    faster and cheaper.In regard of electric solitons there is mentions of some ``picosecond pulses``.
    I wonder how fast could it be.Pico means one thousand of nano.How many bits per second whould it allow to transfer?
    Here is one more mention of electrical solitons:
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    Electrical solitons are certainly possible. Several patents for circuits generating them can be found using Google. They have remarkable properties and seem to have the potential to revolutionize digital communications. Here is only the conclusion from a four-year old paper:


    On the Self-Generation of Electrical Soliton Pulses

    David S. Ricketts, Member, IEEE, Xiaofeng Li, Student Member, IEEE, Nan Sun, Student Member, IEEE,
    Kyoungho Woo, Student Member, IEEE, and Donhee Ham, Member, IEEE


    While the hegemony of sinusoidal signals for high-frequency signal processing in electronics will undoubtedly last into the
    foreseeable future, certain non-sinusoidal signals, such as short duration pulses and chaotic signals, may further enrich the scope
    and capacity of modern electronics. The electrical soliton oscillator presented in this paper can self-generate both a stable train
    of short soliton pulses and a chaotic signal, by taming or encouraging the unruly nature of solitons.

    The soliton’s superb ability of pulsewidth compression and resultant large bandwidth may give the edge to the electrical soliton oscillator over other pulse and chaos generation circuits. This prospect is brightened by the notion that nature’s most intricate and brilliant circuit, the human brain, utilizes soliton-like neuron impulses, and often, their chaotic behaviors.
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    You need to study the Catt anomaly (google is your friend).
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    Catt got the 'Catt anomaly' wrong by relying on a book published in 1893 which ignored the step effects at the front of the TEM wave.

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    I think the matter to hand is not 'is Catt's explanation of the step phenomenon correct', 'but does the single pulse constitute a soliton'?
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    Just as a reminder for newcomers here I copied the below sentence from “Physics Forums Global Guidelines, Overly Speculative Posts”:

    “It is against our Posting Guidelines to discuss, in the PF forums or in blogs, new or non-mainstream theories or ideas that have not been published in professional peer-reviewed journals or are not part of current professional mainstream scientific discussion.”

    Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia’s page about Catt’s Anomaly:

    Catt argues that much of mainstream electromagnetism is wrong: Catt does not entertain the existence of electric charge as a fundamental entity and he claims that all charge is composed of trapped Heaviside energy current. He argues that capacitance and inductance are fictional, being artifacts of the transmission-line nature of the devices; that displacement current is not needed to explain capacitor operation. As opposed to normal electric current (flow of charge), Catt uses energy current to describe most effects.

    Catt illustrates this with the "Catt anomaly". When a step electromagnetic wave travels from left to right in a parallel twin-conductor transmission line, he asks, "Where does the charge on the bottom (return) conductor come from?" He does not answer that question himself, but uses conflicts in others' responses to conclude that conventional electrodynamics must be false. The subtext of his argument here seems to be that charge from the conductors is not necessary for the transmission of EM waves in transmission lines. The electric field carrying the energy precedes and causes subsequent electron drift current, but the field is not itself charge, but rather Heaviside "energy current", light speed electromagnetic energy.

    From the above Wiki statements and Catt’s inability to be published in peer-reviewed journals his work must be classified as “non-mainstream”. If it is not acceptable to post Catt’s material here, then whether or not his pulse is a soliton is not relevant.
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    Mr Bobbywhy,

    Not even Wikipedia made such a scurrilous attack on Catt as you have made upon me (and upon certain well respected if now defunct British electronics journals).

    1) Note this extract, writ large, at the beginning of the supposed authoritative article you linked to.

    2) Note also

    I did not post Catt's material here, you did
    see quote below.


    etc etc

    Please do not spout rules and regulations if you cannot follow them yourself.

    Since I have pointed the OP at source material for him to make up his own mind I now withdraw from this thread.

    go well
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    Mr. Studiot. Please excuse me. Pointing others to material is NOT posting it. I apologise.

    Please come back and continue your valuable contributions.

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