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Electromagnet stick is the key to build a flying disk

  1. Apr 20, 2012 #1
    The electromagnet stick always head N/s, no matter how fast the rotation of the shell of the disk is, you just need to control the input voltage of it, and it will not get heavy if the Magnetic stronger. I think the input higher voltage can make it head with power and hard to change the direction and return to the N/S quickly.

    In that case, fix a jet motor on the end of electromagnet stick, the flying disk will move forward easily while rotation.

    Sorry for my bad english.
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    Can you provide an image showing your concept?

    No, you cannot make a disk flying without any support, like magnets on the ground to keep it in position. With support, look up the concept of maglev trains: It already exists and you can move these trains easily.
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    I need the earth poles to keep its position, it can fly because the disk is wing. I think rotating is a better aerodynamic than the traditional wing
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    img link
    http://bayimg.com/OaOjiaadc [Broken]
    http://image.bayimg.com/oaojiaadc.jpg [Broken]
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    http://image.bayimg.com/oaojiaadc.jpg [Broken]
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    The magnetic field of the earth is nowhere near strong enough, by orders of magnitude, to keep a magnet in position. Did you ever wonder why the needles of compasses weigh less than a gram and are balanced on the tip of a pin?
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    I guess the magnet of the needle is not strong enough to reposition itself if heavy, in that way it may go back but will too slow. I want to ask if the magnet is very strong may it be keep the position with power?
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    No. Otherwise every powerful magnet we use would try to rip itself from its foundations to orient itself N-S. They don't.
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    Sorry, I couldn't understand English much, please say it clearly again let me know about my fault...
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    No. Making the magnet stronger will not make it more prone to orienting itself with the Earth's magnetic poles.
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