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Electromagnetic Black hole phenomena

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    Re: Electromagnetic "Black hole" phenomena

    But if that thing can indeed concentrate completely diffuse light it would violate the second law of thermodynamics.
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    Re: Electromagnetic "Black hole" phenomena

    That's what I was thinking. The science writer is horribly obtuse, so it's difficult to sort out what what the ideal is all about.

    I think the idea here is that light will take spiraling paths to where it is intended to go, as the spiraling paths of light do near an event horizon. This would be a novel idea to me.

    Now I would ask, if my guess is right, "isn't it frequency sensitive so that only narrow bands will follow decending paths and the rest scattered." I think this is sensational reporting. My initial take is that this is hyperbole.
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    Re: Electromagnetic "Black hole" phenomena

    I think that it only works for microwaves. But they say the same principle can apply to optical light.

    How exactly does it violate the 2nd law?
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