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Electromagnetic energy of moving water!

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    I am looking for information about this :


    Electromagnetic energy of moving water & their interaction with other energy.

    Please, all links, books, advice or comment will be appreciated.

    Thanks a lot
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    Sorry but I think that I was wrong.
    The real deal is :

    "streaming water energy field" and "their interaction with electromagnetic field"
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    I don't have any references off hand, but I am sure some people can provide some for you; however, the answer lies in the fact that opposites charges repel and like charges attract.
    In order for the stream to move away from the charged rod, the water molecules would need to align themselves such that they have the side that opposing the charge on the rod facing the rod. This would require energy that can not come from nowhere. What happens is that the molecules that are oriented in such a way that they repel the rod, then they simply rotate (they have kinetic energy and the force they impose on the rod is also imposed on them by the rod).

    Do you see why molecules rotate in such a way that results in their attraction to the rod? If it wasn't for the molecules ability to rotate, then the rod would not attract or repel the stream of water since about 50% of the molecules would attract the rod while the remainder repelled it - canceling each other out.
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