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Electromagnetic induction of two wires

  1. Mar 13, 2015 #1
    I have two wires in parallel at a distance r apart. They are unequal in length. The current carrying primary generates a magnetic field B at distance r. What is the area related to the secondary through which B passes? Is it correct to assume the thickness times the length of the secondary? All I want to do is calculate the value of E, induced in the secondary.
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    The secondary is shorter than the primary
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    You need a loop of wire for the secondary to induce any voltage and current in it. What is the physical setup exactly? What is the context of the question? Can you post pictures or drawings of the setup?
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    I have read in an article, a while ago, that a lightning bolt induces voltage spikes in conductive objects i.e. lampposts plumbing systems, electrical power networks, etc.
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