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Electromagnetic induction question

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    I am new to this forum and wanted to ask a question on em induction.

    I know if a current passes through a wire a magnetic field around the wire is produced and can be amplified by having a coil of wire. If that is then placed in a magnetic field (like between a north and south pole magnetic) motion will be produced.

    With induction if a wire/coil experiences a change in magnetic field by movement of either magnet or wire, then a voltage/P.D will be produced and maybe current if it is connected to a load.

    What I want to know is if current does flow through the coil during em induction when a voltage is being produced by the coil/wire will there be a magnetic field produced around the coil/wire itself as current is flowing through it?

    Thank you for reading and any replies.
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    Can you add some punctuation marks? It is hard to read your post.

    If a current flows through a coil, it produces a magnetic field, even if there are other external magnetic fields or anything else.
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    Sorry my question is confusing.

    If current flows through a coil, (like from a battery) then is produces a magnetic field.
    So if I move a coil in a magnetic field, to create a current flow through the coil will it also turn into a magnetic?
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    The induced current will produce a magnetic field, right.
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    Thank you for the answer mfb.

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