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I Electromagnetism static charge and forces

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    Everyone, I'm trying to justify to myself why

    |F(a)| > |F(b)| > |F(c)|


    I think I can see why

    |F(b)| > |F(c)|

    due to special relativity case c observed from
    the charges point of view would observe
    the charges closer due to lorentz
    contraction. As the charge is invariant would
    result in a greater force?

    However I can't justify to myself why
    |F(a)| > |F(b)|

    many thanks
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    In which direction is the contraction?
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    Please ignore my justification, I see now it's wrong

    Im Just trying to find out why

    |F(a)| > |F(b)| > |F(c)|

    I know that |F(a)| and |F(c)| have the same
    electric force independent of motion and that the weaker force
    experienced by |F(c)| is a result magnetic attraction

    but can't see why
    |F(a)| > |F(b)|

    I'm new to electromagnetism

    many thanks
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