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Electromagnets and Permenant Magnets Combined

  1. May 23, 2007 #1
    Would an electromagnts or solenoid behave any different if a permenant magnet was attached to it when it is powered up? For example, if I had a opposing pole type electromagnet and I attached the north pole end of a permenant magnet to the north pole end of the unpowered electromagnet. Now if I power up the electromagnet would it behave in the normal manner and repel the permenant magnet with the magnetic strength with the same electrical current?
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    I can only comment on this from a non professional standpoint. I am just an average dude, but from my experiments and knowledge of tattoo machines, I would have to say not. I have found that brass and aluminum are best suited for machine frame bases because the iron and steel ones develop magnetism during use and this condition deteriorates the performance of the machine. The electromagnets that power the machine cause the iron to become a permanent magnet and it throws all the settings out. With non ferrous material, this does not happen and the set up you start with remains unchanged until the machine needs maintenance or repair.
    I have not figured out exactly what happens as far as voltage is concerned, but I can break out the old irons and run some tests if you think it would help.
  4. May 25, 2007 #3
    I am mentally building this like this-

    Consider the solenoid fitted within the poles of a horse-shoe magnet.Now,If you turn on the current,possibly there will be a repulsion...consider the following---
    1.due to interaction between high density of magnetic field
    2.back emf induced in the solenoid in the transient state.
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