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I Electron beam energy to acceleration potential relation

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    How can I relate the beam energy of an electron beam produced by an electron gun to the accelerating potential? I realise that accelerating potential, initial energy (before acceleation), and losses by synchrotron radiation, etc, will play a part.
    I searched online and can't find much.
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    That's amazing. The Electron Volt is discussed in so many places and it is the energy that an electron gains when accelerated across a Potential Difference of 1V. Everything else hangs on that.
    Energy loss by synchrotron radiation depends on the curvature of the path and is a different phenomenon. Try this link for a bit of insight.
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    Oh, about the synchrotron radiation, I was planning on bending the beam path in a magnetic field. Sorry, I must have been searching incorrectly. So my 6 kV supply should give a 6 kEv beam. Thanks, you've clarified a lot.
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