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Electronic card for trigger crossing timestamp

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    Hello everyone,

    I work on a project of measurement of phase shift on a single phase modulated signal of which I must detect the zero or trigger crossing in order to be able to estimate the phase by first calculating the difference of the times between rising or falling edges then calculate the Report of these differences.
    I would need an electronic card capable of sampling a signal of more than 40 MHz and which would also give me a list of the timestamps of the trigger or zero crossings in relative or absolute time like in the Attached file If you have ideas or proposals of electronics cards do not hesitate.

    Thank u in advance.

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    What research have you done? What have you found out so far?
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    You have stated that the signal you want to sample is more than 40MHZ. This card has a max sampling rate of 40MHZ. Do you see the problem with that?
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    Do you already have that digital signal? Or do you need a circuit to first convert a sine wave into that digital representation of the zero crossings?

    If you already have that digital signal, then you just need a fast counter circuit. As @phinds points out, that counter circuit will need to be counting fast enough to give you the desired resolution on the movement of those edges.
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