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Phase shift measurement using phase modulated signal

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm actually working on developping a phase shift sensor using one phase modulated signal, i know that the title is confusing beaucause the phase shift measurement need two signals , i'm trying to do this with the zero crossing method so if I could found the timestamps of the zero crossing or the signal's trigger crossing i will be able to calculate the phase shift using the formula in the attached file,
    ti is the period of the signal and ti+1 is the double period.
    I need some theoritcal ressources about this or some advices about this problem.

    Thank you in advantage.


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    Welcome to the PF. :smile:

    What frequency is your signal? What is the nature and depth of the phase modulation of the signal?

    On way this is typically done is with a local phase-locked loop (PLL). You have a local oscillator that you lock to the average phase of the incoming signal, and once locked, you do not allow the phase of the PLL to vary during the short time span of the phase modulations of the incoming signal.

    Are you familiar with PLLs and how to use them?
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