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Electronic Speed Control Question

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    Hello, I'm not sure if this is where I need to be, but here goes. I have a Currie 24 volt ESC for an electric scooter, I also have a generic one that is 36 volts, both work perfect, my question is the 24 volt is built much, much better than the 36 volt, what I would like to do is swap the parts from the 36 into the 24 volt thus making it a higher quality 36 volt esc. I hope this makes sense. I worked in t.v. repair so soldering etc is no problem. Now I don't know what parts handle the voltage rateings, I'm sure the mosfets, caps , etc will have to be swapped but I don't know the details, this is just an idea so if it's not possible no biggie. The 24 volt has much heavier wires, connectors, and the internal parts are better also, board, heat sinks, etc. Thanks.
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    One of the first rules in engineering is, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

    What I understand is that the 24 V unit is physically constructed better but you would prefer to have the unit operate up to 36 V, so you would like to move the components from the higher rated unit to the better constructed one.

    Are the two circuits identical except for the voltage ratings? If not I doubt if swapping components from one to the other will leave you with a working circuit. If they are identical, then check to see which components are different and swap only those.
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    I have over 30 years designing state of the art electronic circuits, BSEE and MSEE.
    On my authority go ahead and change the parts, the most likely result of that will be that you will have two units that do not work.

    The chance that the two circuits have inter-changeable parts is nil.
    If they are different manufactures they will not be the same at all. If they are the same Manufacturer it is highly unlikely that the design will be the same.
    The unit generates the voltage not by a selection of a particular part but by how the parts operate together. Most likely the circuit is a switching power supply. There are hundreds of types of switching power supplies and the likely hood that these two are the same is vanishingly small.
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